• Call and chat without phone numbers
• All your contacts in one single app
• Decide who can and cannot call you
• Immediately kipcall your Facebook friends

KipCall keeps me cool !

• Call and chat with your Facebook friends
• Decide who can and cannot call you
• See friends who are nearby
• Works all the time, no WIFI or 3G required


See friends who are around you.
(less than 0.6 miles)

Call your friends right away.

Send free text messages.

Send them an email on their actual inbox.

Keep control of who is allowed to call you.

Press Releases

This feature was specifically designed for those KipCall users looking for love (...)
Brodie Beta

At such a low price the app is hard to argue with [...] I give the app a full recommendation(...)
Luke Patrick

Dial directly the KipCall number of your friend to chat and call with him All your facebook friends are already in your KipCall contacts Don't want to be reachable by someone ? Block him
See who is calling. It is just like a regular call See all your conversations Send and receive free texts between KipCall users